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ROBERT HALPERN is an honors graduate and Richardson Scholar from Brooklyn Law School who practices law in New York State.
HALPERN LEGAL CLINIC is a 501(c)(3) Charity.

Current Cases

Bottomless brunch; New York State Liquor Authority; East Village; litigation

We are currently the New York State Liquor Authority ("Authority") and a restaurant in the East Village regarding unlimited alcohol offerings, including bottomless brunches. Bottomless brunches are undoubtedly illegal under th the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law Section 117-a, but the Authority refuses to follow the law.

 We are also suing the Authority  over the 500-foot rule, which prohibits more than THREE on-premises hard liquor licenses ("OP" licenses) within 500 feet of each other, UNLESS the Authority determines that an additional license is in the public interest. The Authority rarely denies a public interest exception, so 20, 30, or 40 OP licenses within 500 feet of each other are common, esp. in the East Village, Lower East Side and Chinatown.

Believe it or not, but many if not most buildings in the East Village are required under the Zoning Resolution to have a 30-foot deep backyard  that is accessible to all the tenants and open to the sky. If you'd like to know more, please email us below.

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